Tenant Maintenence Responsibilities

Each resident is responsible to act in a way that will preserve the property and enhance living conditions. Sometimes this can require performing simple maintenance tasks. None of the tenant maintenance tasks will require any special tools or skills. Each is simple and each task is listed in this handbook and many include video demonstrations.

Lawn Care: Lawns requires some regular routine maintenence to ,aintain a property's value and curb appeal.

1. Most importantly, your lawn must be watered at least 2 - 3 times a week when there has been no rain for a week and when the temperature exceeds 84 degrees in the afternoon. When daytime temperatures drop below 80 degrees you can decrease watering to 1 - 2 times per week, but even when dormant in the winter your lawn requires occasional watering. Be aware that you can over water. So, when the weather is wet and rainy watering could be harmful

2. Mowing. Mowing not only improves the appearance of your home and your neighborhood, it is an effective natural way to slow down weed growth. Lawns should be mowed at least once a month in the Spring and Fall and twice a month in the summer months (June through October). It is not neccesary to mow most lawns in our area in December, January and February.

3. Edging the lawn improves looks and drainage. Edging is done on an as-needed basis since lawns differ in their growth, but should be done at least once a month in the summer.

4. Trimming: It is your responsibility to trim shrubs and bushes that you can reach from standing on the ground. If limbs or branches require a ladder to reach, please contact Century21 Amerisouth for maintenence help.Shrubs should be lept below the bottom of your windows for safety and limbs and branches should be kept from touching any part of the house.



Plumbing: There are some simple plumbing tasks that can help perserve the property and, sometimes, even save you money.