Our Pricing

Monthly Management Fees: 10% of collected rents. $0.00 if rent is not collected. We only make money when you do. (See Our Services)

Leasing Fees: 50% of the first full month’s rent for new leases only. This replaces the management Fee for that (first) month. This fee covers costs of marketing, showing your property to prospects, vetting applicants to qualify prospective tenants and paying generous referral fees to other realtors who send qualified prospects that lease your property.
Already have a tenant and just want professional management? This fee is waived.

Lease Renewal Fee: 20% of collected rent for renewal month. This fee replaces the management fee for that (renewal) month. The owner investor receives a graphic report of current conditions and a written report regarding needed repairs and needed reserve for replacement for long term maintenance items. We are often able to mitigate this cost the first month of the new lease with increased rent at renewal.

Contracting: 10% of subcontracted invoiced amount.

 Occasionally, while overseeing a larger project, Florida statute allows the Property manager to provide contracting services. Most tenant turn-overs do not meet these criteria.
Charged only when a project meets certain guidelines:

  1. The work is multi-disciplinary That is, 3 or more sub contractors are required, For instance: plumbing, heating and air, electrician, cleaning, painting, appliance repair or replacement, flooring, roofing, handyman, landscaping, etc.
  2. Work must be completed in required stages – for instance, electrical repairs must be completed before heating and air replacement. Plumbing repairs and painting must be finished before carpet is replaced. Carpet must be replaced before cleaning is done.
  3. Multiple inspections are required to insure staged work is completed satisfactorily before subsequent stages of work may begin. Frequent updates to owner are provided as each stage progresses.

When all three conditions are met this fee will apply.

Lease Only Fee: 75% of one full month’s rent. No other fee.

If you want to manage your property but need help finding and qualifying a tenant, give us a call. We do all the prep work and provide you with a qualified tenant, an executed lease and a check.