Why Can't I Just Manage My Own Rental?
Why Can't I Just Manage My Own Rental?

This is where most managers start listing the thousand small tasks involved in management: marketing, qualifying tenants, executing leases, collecting and holding security deposits in compliance with state statute, collecting rent, paying bills, bookkeeping and records for tax time, ensuring tenant compliance with the lease and with your home owner’s association rules, even pursuit of evictions,

But just consider these two scenarios:

  1. A couple applies for your rental property. How do you qualify them? How do you run a credit check? How do you check their rental history? Do you know if they have a criminal record? And, if they do, is there anything you should, or shouldn’t do, to determine whether or not they are still qualified? What is your liability if you rent to a registered sex offender? Where do you get all this information?
  2. Your tenant calls on Saturday and tells you there is a bad water leak. You find a plumber that is willing to work weekends and ask him to go repair the leak and send you the bill. He does. But, while he is there one of the tenant’s kids is running through the house and trips over his power cord and falls and sustains a small cut on his forehead that requires a couple of stitches. The tenant wants reimbursement for an emergency room visit. Shouldn’t the plumber’s liability insurance cover that? Does the plumber have insurance? How could you even find that out? And worse,  what if he doesn't?

These are just a few of the problems that come pre-solved when you hire a professional manager that knows the business.

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